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The Dîner en Blanc is an annual invitation only celebration. Invitations are only available via our netword of criticalChefs de Bus.


The Dîner en Blanc starts at home. The Pique-niqueurs prepare a dinner that is prêt-à-servir; but one that may truly be called culinary. The picnick basket is ready. Outstanding winese make the dinner complete.

The Pique-niqueurs arrive elegant in white, with original white accessories of choice. The only coloured accessory might be the flower one might like to wear.

Having arrived at the location, the Pique-niqueurs lay and set the bistro tables they have brought with them. Musical and artistic surprises complement each other during the night. As midnight approaches, the picnic disappears for another year. Pique-niqueurs say nothing of the delights that have just taken place. Impressions, inspirations and memories leave together into the night. Onward bound.

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