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Welcome to the website of Dîner en Blanc Nederland


The Dîner en Blanc Nederland has been created like the French one that was started in 1988 by the result of a warm friendship: ‘Passer une soirée hors de l'ordinaire à pique-niquer avec ses amis d'amis, dans un cadre urbain, chic et majestueux’.


The Dîner en Blanc is an artistic and culinary celebration. Pique-niqueurs come together every year, in a great number at different and public location. The location remains secret until the last minute. To all participants Participation is confidential. The Dîner en Blanc simply celebrates life, light and summer'. With friends and new friends.

The Dîner en Blanc Nederland carries the exclusive hallmark of trust, originality and support from its French initiators.

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